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What is MMRLRPG Exactly?

MMRLRPG theory, Massively Multiplayer Real-Life Role Playing Game theory, is the career-stage theory at the heart of Boss Level. From it, we can learn how to maximize and properly navigate the opportunities available to us during our career journey. It is formed from four components.

First, it takes the main engine that drives MMORPGs a.k.a. Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. The idea in MMORPGs is to have a game where people can create personal avatars and team up with other people to earn the most epic rewards and defeat the most difficult “bosses” (monsters.)

Second, MMRLRPG theory incorporates a truncated version of Joseph Campbell’s monomyth cycle – the hero’s journey- as a skeleton for the events people commonly encounter in their work careers.

Third, MMRLRPG follows Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs as a way to track how each stage satisfies the human’s motivation for purpose in light of career satisfaction.

Fourth, the theory considers the common literary story structure of the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution to put our career journey in the general context of the basic timing needed to live out a well-earned (or well-told) career story.

When put all together, MMRLRPG theory looks like this:


Here, you can see that the ultimate goal in one’s career journey is to become “elite,” a master of your field of study, and give that knowledge and skill back to workforce for the next generation to build upon.  The process of becoming a master or guru of your field of study, however, is the challenge. Not everyone who enters the workforce, leaves it as a master.  So what does it take to maximize your purpose and contribution to the workforce so that at the end, you have gained enough XP to earn the title of “Elite?” We will discuss this process in a series of upcoming posts, beginning with a look back at the formative years of our lives that taught us how to interact with other creatures in our realm.

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